About ArenaMarket

ArenaMarket is an e-commerce platform that allows enterprise users to offer and sell products, and individuals and enterprise entities to buy products. It is owned and managed by Mobile Trade Solutions LLC

We are extremely proud and honored to state, that we are promising and well structured platform for all the users to get the products they need in the shortest time with the support of our professional team – «Quality and Speed» is our slogan. 

Our mission

We aim to leverage technology, logistics and innovation in order to stay one step ahead of our customers' needs. By connecting people and products from multinational suppliers and small local businesses alike, we work to improve lives and create opportunities for all people in Uzbekistan regardless of their location, ranging from the most remote settlement to the capital.


We help small and medium-sized businesses by giving them a platform to develop and grow. We help our customers find unique product offerings from sellers of all sizes on a one-of-a-kind marketplace. We strengthen connections between customers and local businesses, which stimulates the Uzbek economy and opens doors for entrepreneurs.


We anticipate our customers' needs and expectations and work tirelessly to exceed them. We are constantly looking ahead and testing services well before they become popular. This is made possible by our deep pool of top-notch talent and our embrace of the latest technology, which enables us to bring innovation to life in the most effective way possible across our beautiful country.

Community is everything

We aim to bring the convenience and choice that define online retail to every corner of Uzbekistan, to enable all people, even those in the most remote parts of the country, to improve their daily lives and enjoy access to modern conveniences.